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What is HARO?

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HARO (currently Connectively) is an acronym for the term "Help A Reporter Out." It relates to a platform connecting reporters and journalists with expert sources. Although HARO in itself isn't considered technically an SEO tool, SEO agencies often use HARO as part of their link-building strategy.

Here are the possible scenarios where HARO SEO is incorporated by SEO professionals.

Journalism - Through the field of responsible news reporting, HARO can be utilized by researchers and connects journalists to gain access to high-authority resources which they would then use in outlining the information they require for their news output.

These can also lead them to super-authoritative websites and high-authority publications to further strengthen their research. They can submit HARO queries to help them hasten their research.

Experts and resources - Professionals and business entities that are considered an authority in a particular field or industry. These groups or individuals can sign up for HARO to be notified of HARO requests from professional writers and journalists. Since they have referral traffic, they can immediately respond to relevant queries, especially if these are under their field of expertise or jurisdiction.

Link-building opportunity - As part of a good SEO strategy, the opportunity to build backlinks is great using HARO as a journalist can include your expertise or valuable input in their article and provide a backlink to your website, and can even mention your name and business information.

This is highly valuable for search engine optimization as backlinks from highly reputable sources provide a positive signal to search engines.

HARO works on SEO positively by monitoring relevant topics and queries and responding quickly to important data. This may help you position yourself as an industry expert by acquiring links from equally authoritative websites.

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Our HARO Pitching Process

Orbital SEO employs a comprehensive six-step process in creating the perfect pitch for your ideas needed for effective HARO link-building. A team of digital marketing experts (marketers and copywriters) collaborate closely to work on your pitch.

The first step of the planning process involves the marketer or marketing consultant picking queries for pitching to be presented to the client. Through their market savvy, they can determine the best queries that they deem can provide the best SEO performance.

Once the marketer/marketing consultant has curated a list of their key ideas for all of their pitches, they then pass the task to the copywriter and creative team for the next crucial step that involves the actual creative and writing process.

The copywriter alongside the help of the marketer/marketing consultant can start crafting the pitch. With their technical prowess, they can create a pitch that's grammatically sound and engaging. They may also work with an editor for quality assurance checks to ensure that no detail is missed from as early as now.

Once the pitch is finished, the marketer or marketing consultant would then set out to review the pitch carefully. They will ensure that the business aspect of the pitch is correct and aligned with what the client or journalist is expecting from the query and pitch.

After the pitch has gone through several internal fixes and edits, the marketer finally sends the pitch to the journalist. At this point, the journalist can review whether the HARO SEO results and the pitch presented to them are well-optimized.

Once everything has been finalized and green lit, what you get is a high-quality output that's smart and can benefit from the 1/10 publication rate.

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Example of Our HARO Pitches

Here is an example of a HARO pitch alongside HARO responses that we have crafted for our clients, namely journalists in their field.

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Why Use Orbital SEO for HARO?

Orbital SEO consists of a team of global SEO strategy experts who are backed by solid experience and skills that encompass a wide range of services, such as web development, copywriting, link building, and SEO consultation. With their expertise in SEO strategies, the entire Orbital team can help in link-building efforts that in turn can provide relevant opportunities to the journalist or client requiring HARO services, most especially for major publications or in media coverage.

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Quality Work

With extensive industry experience, OrbitalSEO has been a trusted partner in helping adult companies enhance their online visibility.

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Proven Track Record

At OrbitalSEO, our SEO strategies are built on data-driven insights and have a proven track record of delivering results.

Honest Team

Transparency is at the core of our approach at OrbitalSEO. We believe in keeping our clients informed every step of the way, ensuring you have full visibility into our strategies and actions.

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Here are common question asked for HARO SEO.

What is Your HARO Pricing?

A flat rate fee will be charged to the client including an additional fee based on the domain rating of the link. The client may talk to a consultant regarding the rate as not all links and pitches are the same and therefore may have varying requirements needed. Our standard pricing is:

$450 per month plus:

DR: 30-50 - $15

DR: 51-60 - $30

DR: 61-70 - $45

DR: 71-80 - $75

DR: 81+ - $90

Typically, we get between 2-5 links per month per client (depending on the client's niche).

If you're an agency, we can offer bulk pricing. Please contact us for more information.

What industries work best for HARO?

HARO can be extremely useful for a broad range of industries. However, the platform benefits perfectly for those with a strong emphasis on expertise and thought leadership.

Here are some examples:

Technology - As technology reaches significant advancement through time, change is inevitable and journalists may often need to refer and consult tech experts for their insights and opinions on various tech-related subject matter. Software development, cybersecurity, AI, and emerging technologies are some opportunities that can benefit from HARO.

Science and Research - Scientists, researchers, and academics in many scientific disciplines may find HARO beneficial for knowledge and information sharing. Journalists often seek scientific experts regarding findings, discoveries, and scientific advancements.

Finance and Business - HARO can be a perfect platform for experts in finance, investment, and business strategy who can be a valuable resource for journalists when seeking opinions and insight from financial our business sector leaders.

Education - Academy professionals, educators, and educational consultants can contribute and collaborate in providing relevant and useful information that can relate to pedagogy, educational technology, academic trends, and statistics often used by journalists writing about the education sector.

Legal - Legal authorities, lawyers, and consultants can provide useful insight and narratives on legal issues, regulations, and industry-specific legislation which in turn may help build their online presence even further.

Health and Wellness - Journalists and medical news writers often seek the help of medical practitioners, nutritionists, and doctors to provide ample knowledge on fitness, healthcare, and wellness, alongside other useful nuggets of information on this field.

Marketing, Advertising, and Public Relations - The world of marketing is fast evolving in the past decade. As digital marketing becomes the norm nowadays, journalists often rely on the expertise of marketing and advertising practitioners to understand the latest trends, strategies, and industry developments.

Travel and Hospitality - Experts in the travel industry and hospitality management which may also include bloggers, hoteliers, and tourism experts both in private and public sectors are the best resource for journalists in writing about tourism, travel tips, destinations, and hospitality sector updates and trends.

What is Connectively?

Connectively is the newest home for the HARO platform. It is a community of journalists, content creators, PR practitioners, and industry experts where they can establish a strong ongoing relationship useful for brand growth.

The platform thrives on collaboration and acts as a conduit in facilitating connections between journalists and media to expert sources to help them craft a more compelling story. It is currently owned by Cision, a global leader in marketing and PR communications technology and intelligence.

How long will it take to get links?

You can start getting links within the month of subscription. The average would run between two to 5 (2-5) links per month on average. What you'll get are high-quality links that can also be useful for organic traffic and better SEO performance.

Get more of the full details when talking to our HARO SEO consultant.

You can start getting links within the month of subscription. The average would run between two to 5 (2-5) links per month on average. What you'll get are high-quality links that can also be useful for organic traffic and better SEO performance.

Get more of the full details when talking to our HARO SEO consultant.

What do I need to do to get started?

You only need your LinkedIn profile (preferably complete or accomplished, meaning it must have details like your full name, job title, and work experiences) and an email with your domain to get processed and accommodated right away. If an email is not available, we can create a gmail but conversion rate could be lower.

You can start getting links within the month of subscription. The average would run between two to 5 (2-5) links per month on average. What you'll get are high-quality links that can also be useful for organic traffic and better SEO performance.

Get more of the full details when talking to our HARO SEO consultant.

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