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SEO for new websites is always evolving. Work with a professional SEO company that continuously adapts and brings the highest level of service quality.

What Is New Website SEO?

New websites require great attention to detail when it comes to setting up SEO; this includes technical SEO, on-page SEO, and more. A brand-new website is essentially a blank slate, allowing you to create page content, backlinks, and metadata that is precisely targeted to helping you attract traffic to your site and rank well for your desired keywords.

A few things to consider when setting up SEO for a new website include:

Launching a new website is a great opportunity to build SEO from the ground up using industry best practices. This will help you hit the ground running and attract the best possible audience to your website.

What Are Typical SEO For New Website Services?

New websites provide you with an opportunity to set up optimized content from scratch. This reduces the likelihood of needing to go through and revise your SEO down the road, as the entire site will be optimized using best practices from the very start.

Typical SEO services that new websites benefit from using include:

Keyword Research

Backlink Acquisition

Technical SEO

Content Writing

Competitor Research

Conversion Optimization

Ongoing SEO Audits

Search engines are picky when it comes to keyword implementation – even things like volume, placement, and context can play a role in how well your site does in search result placements. The more data you have before you begin optimizing your new website, the better prepared you will be to hit your web traffic goals.

What Can Orbital SEO Do For Your New Website?

New websites require attention to detail and a comprehensive SEO strategy in order to be successful when launched. OrbitalSEO helps clients see the big view of their website optimization options by providing them with well-researched recommendations that are unique to their company and industry.

We never toss out template solutions; instead, we create unique SEO gameplans for every client we work with, whether they have a years-old website or are in the process of building a brand new one. Whenever we can, we deliver more than we originally promised, focusing on the services and solutions our clients need to be successful both immediately and on into the foreseeable future.

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Our SEO Strategy For New Websites Includes

SEO is more of an art than it is a hard science, although there are definitely data-driven metrics that guide our implementation process. We look beyond simple keyword-based solutions to create holistic SEO strategies that include:

Whether our clients want to take what we share with them and run with it themselves or if they want us to implement every piece of the SEO for new websites roadmap we provide to them, we are ready and willing to serve. Helping guide new website SEO efforts is what we do best, and it is a process we enjoy from start to finish. A few specific areas of expertise we offer include:

Technical SEO

Technical SEO focuses on the backend site preparations that make your site more attractive to search engines. This includes things like making your site mobile friendly, increasing page and image load speeds, creating a detailed XML sitemap, and more.

Keyword Research For New Websites

In order to target searches accurately, you need to first determine what keywords you are going to focus on. Often companies will pick 2 or 3 obvious words or phrases relevant to their industry, not realizing that there are dozens of high-quality options out there. We can help with this!

New Website Link Acquisition

Links from other sites that direct people to your content prove to search engines that your website is a legitimate, value-driven area of the Internet. We can help you identify link-building opportunities and boost your online visibility.

Website Content Optimization

Brand new websites need content on every page - and even on hidden areas that visitors may never see, like metadata and keywords placed right into the code itself. This helps search engines know what your site is about so they know where to direct traffic.

Competitor Research

Whatever your competitors are doing online - whether effective or ineffective - can be reviewed and learned from, which is why we always provide clients with detailed competitor site analysis reports.

Site Conversion Optimization

This process focuses on directing site traffic to exactly where you want it to go, whether that is a product page, a sign-up form, or even a social media page. We can help you identify your overall site strategy so that we can best direct visitors to precisely where they need to go.

The Advantage of Orbital SEO As Your New Website Partner

We love working with new websites because they provide a blank canvas to work on. We work in collaboration with our clients to make sure that their vision is represented and their SEO goals are taken into consideration every step of the way.

The process begins with us looking deeply into the details of your industry and competition and then formulating an SEO roadmap that is filled with action steps that will get you to a polished finished website that ranks highly and attracts all of the right kinds of web traffic. Working toward steady growth and consistent SEO success is our mission, and we achieve this by developing strategies that see beyond the initial site launch.

Our new website SEO services are guaranteed to help you create a website you are proud of, and that provides you with a solid platform you can build a profitable online business on.

New Website SEO FAQs

New websites require a lot of SEO handholding, and that is ok! We can provide online video consultations, or if you prefer, you can always ask us questions through the contact form on our website. You may also find it helpful to read through these commonly asked questions:

When Will I See SEO Results For My New Website?

Typically new sites begin to see their site rankings and traffic gain traction within just a few months. While it is impossible to predict an absolute timeline, this window of time generally is more than enough for search engines to begin indexing the content on your site.

What Are New Website SEO Pricing And Packages?

We provide custom price quotes for every single new project we work on. After we speak with you and are able to determine what service package is the best fit for your needs, we will prepare a detailed quote along with a customized service plan on action.

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