Small Business SEO Services

Small Business SEO is always evolving. Work with an SEO company that continuously adapts and brings the highest level of service quality.

What Is Small Business SEO?

Small businesses that operate online have to take advantage of SEO in order to drive customers to their online stores. Not only that, the type of visitors matters – the more likely a visitor is to purchase something, the better the overall return on the SEO investment will be.  Optimizing a business website includes looking into things like technical SEO, competitor keywords and rankings, on-page SEO, and more.

In order to keep your online presence up to date and able to take advantage of search engine algorithms, it is wise to keep an eye on the keywords and phrases that potential visitors are most likely to type in so that you can be among the first results that pop up. Not only that, implementing strong backlinks is a great way to receive referral traffic filled with qualified visitors that have high potential to turn into loyal customers.

What Are Typical Small Business SEO Services?

The online goal for small businesses is to convert visitors into customers, subscribers, or followers. With such a conversion-based goal, it becomes incredibly important to stay on top of how your website is performing week to week so that you can implement adjustments as quickly as possible.

Typical SEO services that small businesses can gain a lot from include:

Technical SEO

Keyword Research

Backlink Acquisition

Targeted Content Creation

Ongoing SEO Audits

Regular SEO Updates

Competitor Research

Conversion Optimization

The more data regarding optimizing your small business website, the better you are able to attract qualified leads to your site on a consistent basis.

What Can Orbital SEO Do For Your Small Business?

Orbital SEO is a leading small business search engine optimization company focused on getting their sales-focused clients the results they need to build their companies effectively online. Through detailed research, targeted recommendations, and focused website SEO audits, we help businesses both big and small find success on the Internet.

Our process focuses on creating unique SEO gameplans for every client we work alongside. This goes for traditional eCommerce companies, dropship companies, large retail box stores, and everything in between. We always look for new, creative ways for our clients to represent themselves online, while still targeting search engine algorithms in the best possible ways.

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Our Small Business SEO Strategy Includes

As anyone that has ever tried to understand the mathematical basis for search engine results and website traffic knows, SEO is definitely not hard science. While data-driven metrics definitely exist, there is a portion of the process that is more “trial and error” – this requires years of experience to accurately tailor to an individual website’s needs, and that is where our company shines.

Our experience base and SEO strategy include:

These SEO elements and much more work together in perfect harmony to create a cohesive strategy that our clients can put to work immediately. Sometimes they decide to implement these things themselves, but usually, they ask us to be in the driver’s seat, helping them dig deep into making their web pages SEO powerhouses.

Keyword Research

For every website we work on, we become language detectives – combing through hundreds of keyword options to find the ones that will yield the best possible search engine ranking results for your website.

Keyword Research For New Websites

In order to target searches accurately, you need to first determine what keywords you are going to focus on. Often companies will pick 2 or 3 obvious words or phrases relevant to their industry, not realizing that there are dozens of high-quality options out there. We can help with this!

Link Acquisition For Small Businesses

Small business SEO success hinges largely on the quality of the backlinks that point to individual pages or products on your site. We help you identify the best backlink opportunities out there and then capitalize on them.

Local SEO For Small Businesses

Local SEO is a great way to take advantage of specific SEO opportunities, like embedded Google maps, social media listings, and even mobile-friendly website setup. We can help with all of this and more!

Conversion Optimization

The main goal of any small business that finds itself online is to sell! You need to find and hold onto a loyal online customer base, and this means your website needs to have tightly constructed sales funnels, ample opportunity for customers to opt into newsletters, and so much more.

The Advantage of Orbital SEO As Your Small Business SEO Partner

We are in the business of helping small businesses thrive online. When our clients make large sales or generate consistent website traffic, we celebrate right alongside them. Their success depends largely on their website’s ability to rank highly for keywords – especially product-specific keywords, which is why we take such a detailed approach when it comes to research and competitor site audits.

This all happens before we even begin lifting a finger to make website updates. Why? The answer is simple: without a clear roadmap for how to best execute an SEO strategy, we are just guessing at what will be most effective. We prefer to go into every project we work on armed with data-driven information that will guide every part of the optimization process.

Our approach is guaranteed to help you work toward consistent, predictable, sustainable growth, which is why so many clients come back to us time and time again.

Small Business SEO FAQs

As a small business owner, you likely have many questions regarding how we can help you be successful online. We are happy to conduct a virtual consultation, or you can always ask any questions you have using our online contact form. The frequently asked questions below may also prove to be useful  in answering some questions you are currently pondering:

When Will I See SEO Results For My Small Business Website?

This is a great question, and the answer may surprise you. Most businesses see results after just a few months of target SEO optimization work. The results often continue to trickle in well after the initial optimization is completed, as well. This gives you a quick ROI on your SEO investment.

What Are Small Business SEO Pricing And Packages?

No two businesses are alike – they all have different needs and goals, which is why we give a custom quote for every project and client we partner with. After learning about your specific industry and SEO needs, we will identify the SEO services that best suit those needs and we can then offer targeted pricing options.

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